Tермобельё cвитер Aclima HotWool Polo

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Tермобельё cвитер Aclima HotWool Polo. 

Aclima HotWool is made from terry wool, which is a mixture of 65 % merino wool (in the loops towards your skin), 15 % polyamide and 20 % polyester. The mixture of these fibres makes the clothes thicker and more hardwearing than pure woolen garments. This means that you can wash these clothes at 60°C in the machine, and that it takes a lot to wear them out. This also means that lint can gather on the surface of the fabric as a result of the mixture between "stronger and weaker" fibres. These clothes are not exactly meant for Après-ski, but they are perfect for people who work outside a lot. The loops on the inside of this garment contain a lot of the air, and have great insulating abilities. Aclima developed this product in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces, and they still use terry wool due to its superior hardwearing and insulating properties, even though the products are relatively light.

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