Bакуумные пакеты Lava A-VAC "Dry Aging" 30x60 cm.

12,90 €

Пакеты вакуумные LAVA для созревания мяса 30х60см. 4шт. Пакеты гофрированные (с тиснением). Барьерные, четырехслойные PA/PE (полиамид/полиэтилен)  пакеты. Не содержат Бисфенол А и других вредных веществ. Термообработка продукта в пакете до 95 оС. Толщина пакета 90 мкм

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Пакеты LAVA специально предназначены для использования в бескамерных вакуумных аппаратах любых моделей, только с ними достигается эффективность, аналогичная полученной при работе с камерным упаковщиком. Пакеты предназначены для пищевых продуктов, но могут использоваться и в других отраслях. Идеальны для приготовления продуктов по технологии Sous Vide, можно разогревать в микроволновке.

Temperature is important for dry-aging

The dry aging takes place in a Lava A-Vac bag and leaves the total weight of the beef shrink by up to 20%. The membrane bag must first be evacuated with a vacuum sealer. Lava recoments as the ideal refrigerator temperature about 0 to +4 ° C. In any case, this temperature range should not be exceeded.

 Special dry-aging bags from Lava

The membrane layer of the vacuum bag will go down in a firm connection with the meat during the aging process. In order not to confuse these processes, the meat must always be in the same place during the aging process. The membrane bags, which are used for aging, are airtight to the outside water vapor permeable and inwardly. This process ultimately results in the weight loss in the flesh. The dry outer layer is truncated after to the aging process of the meat and thus provides a further weight loss. Therefore it must be ensured that the meat outside has a light coat of grease.

 Dry-Aging needs time

After at least 3 weeks (you can also store it up to 4 weeks) comes, after the removing the outer layer, the core high-grade stainless meat to the fore! Now the gourmet meat can be prepared with a delicious marinade on the grill or in a pan. Who once could cost this kind of meat, know that the long wait is worth it.

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