Vacuum Sealer Lava V100 Premium

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This is a great machine and is the entry level to the Lava range of vacuum sealers. The V100 is the simplest model with manual sealing only. It is ideal for the user who does not need to vacuum pack large quantities of produce day after day.  

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The V100 vacuum packing machine will work with textured vacuum bags and continuous rolls. The maximum bag width is 30cms (12 inches) and is capable of removing the air from a medium sized vacuum bag (20 x 30cms) in about 10 seconds. The Lava V100 has a pressure indicator. When full vacuum is reached, the embossed vacuum bag can then be heat sealed by manually pressing a switch which takes about 5 seconds. The vacuum pump attachment, supplied with the V100 vacuum sealer, can be used with any of our acrylic containers, stainless steel bowls and lids which are available within the accessory section of the website. These are perfect for keeping salads and soft fruits for longer or pre-preparing food. The acrylic containers are made in Germany and can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave. 


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