Wild Boar Stop 500 ml.

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Wild boars go into plantations of corn, potatoes, hop, wine, as well
as into meadows and fields and destroy or do severe damage to them.
The consequence are dramatic losses, destroyed plantations and high
costs for electrical fences, repairing of damages and protection means 

Wild Boar Stop has been tested successfully in many areas.

Cont: 500 ml.



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A product which: 
protects the plants, 

no need to build fences or barriers,
keeps the wild boars from intruding,

 without doing any damage to their health,
does no harm to the environment (CFC-free) and is free of any poison,
is safe and easy to handle.
A product based on nature-identical scents giving the wild boar the message that
natural enemies are near,

a product with a high efficiency and many ways of use.
Over-dosing is easy to be avoided, safe and easy handling is guaranteed.
Even difficult places can be reached.

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