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Tikka T3x Hunter

Price €1,449.00
Availability: Out of stock

The Tikka T3x Hunter is designed for the shooter who appreciates the warm feel of a wooden stock combined with solid performance. 

The T3x Hunter offers an extensive caliber selection for hunting and sport-shooting purposes. It is built with traditional principles and modern innovation, providing you with a new level of accuracy, reliability, and enjoyment.  

Tikka T3x Lite

Price €1,210.00
Availability: 1 In Stock

When compromise is not an option. 
T3x lite combines high performance with lightweight ease. The Lite models are equipped with the T3x synthetic stock and all new modular features. These models come with the classic low-angled grip.The classic T3x Lite has a blued barrel and all-black stock.  

Tikka T3x Forest

Price €1,559.00
Availability: Out of stock

With a classic look and up-to-date performance Tikka T3x Forest never fails to impress.
This rifle is a great choice for hunters using large variable scopes that require higher mounts. Tikka T3x Forest satisfies the hunter who appreciates a classic design with a roll-over cheek piece that offers extra  rest.