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Comodo SMP2 hunting socks  designed to protect against ticks and insects in the spring and summer period.

Made of 70% cotton , which is pleasant to the touch, durable and absorbs moisture well.

The ANTI-TICK coating  is completely natural , non-toxic and therefore safe  also for people with sensitive skin. 

Special designed zones increase the comfort of use.

They protect against abrasions  and  chafing , stabilize the sock on the foot and prevent it from being pulled off. 

Comodo SMP2  is a  comfort and protection that will be appreciated by people who like forest trips on warm days. 

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Light trekking socks made of Australian Merino sheep fibers.

Climayarn technology combines the advantages of polypropylene with the properties of merino wool, keeping the foot always dry.

Socks have  thermoregulatory properties , protect against cold and overheating. 

The materials used  reduce the growth of microorganisms and thus the formation of unpleasant odors .

Five specially designed zones  protect the foot from chafing and reduce the pressure that shoes exert on the leg.

TRE7s  are perfect for long trips on warm days, ensuring perfect thermal balance and high comfort of use.