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Knife Ahti Kaira

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The Kaira ("Northern Wilderness")

is a skinning knife, or heavy duty

work knife. It has a blade about 2 3/4"

(72 mm) long, 1 1/16" wide and .129" thick.

The 4 1/2" handle features a brass hilt

plate and is generously sized for a large hand.

The knife and sheath together weigh a bit less than six ounces. 

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Taskunuga Victorinox Forester

1. suur lukustuv tera

2. korgitser

3. konserviavaja

4. väike kruvikeeraja ( sobib ka ristpeakruvidele)

5. pudeliavaja

6. kruvikeeraja

7. traadikoorija

8. ork, auguraud

9. võtmerõngas

10. pintsetid

11. hambaork

12. puusaag

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Better filleting for a good price!
The well fitting rubber handle and the flexible stainless steel blade ensure clean-cut fillets. This size of blade is best suited for processing of about 2-3 kg. The filleting knife is an excellent tool for other jobs in the kitchen. The knife is supplied with a practical plastic sheath.

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The fish cleaner is a very handy tool.

The curved blade makes it easy to open up the fish,

while the serrated edge comes in handy for scaling.

 With the metal scoop of the handle removing the

intestines is clean and fast. 

Length of blade 10 cm. Total length 27 cm. 

Blade material stainless steel. Handle material  rubber.