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Tested and unsurpassed also in the filed of military use! Robla Solo consists of very special compounds including ammonia. This formula has not only the power. Robla Solo to dissolve any residue of copper, tombac and zinc but also lead, the number one enemy to the precision of a gun. Also contamination by nickel plated bullets are eliminated. Steel and chrome are not attacked by Robla Solo. 

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Aluminum blueing is suitable for surface refinement and is easy to use, even for laypeople. The black brushed bluing for aluminum alloys is abrasion-resistant and durable. The aluminum blueing is ideal for repairing scratches and friction points, but also for re-blueing. Brush burnishing for aluminum burnishes to a rich black. The bluing impresses with its very easy application. The only thing to note is that surfaces should be degreased before browning. 


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BRUNOX GUN CARE for hunting-, sporting- , professional and collecting-guns. Cleans, lubricates and attends all metal parts. Displaces humidity and protects reliable against corrosion. Loosens powder-, lead-, tombac-, copper-, nickel- and black powder residues. Neutralizes hand sweat. Excellent penetration properties; it will be formed a very thin, viscous protection film, which does not harden and become resin (contains no silicone, no PTFE, no graphite).