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This two-die set is intended for reloading bottleneck cases, and consists of a Full-Length Sizer Die with an Expander - Decapping Unit, and a Seater Die with Bullet seater Plug. The Full-Length Sizer Die brings the case to SAAMI minimum cartridge dimensions. It sizes the outside of the case, de-primes and expands the neck to accept the bullet.

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The Partner Press is easy to use and incredibly durable, yet is the most affordable press in the RCBS line. It’s perfect as a second press for different operations or a portable press for use at the range. Accessory Base Plate not included. Press Type: Single Stage. Frame Material: Cast Aluminum. Frame Design: O-Frame . Frame Offset: Frame Opening Size: Handle Location: Handle is in the center of the press, for right or left handed use. Die Size Accepted: 7/8"-14 Threaded Dies. 

RCBS ChargeMaster Lite

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RCBS ChargeMaster Lite

powder dispenser and digital scale.

Holding nearly a one pound of

smokeless powder, you can reload

a long time in between adding powder.

Powder can be measured out 2 to 300 grains

with a plus or minus accuracy of .1 grains.

The easy to see LCD touchscreen makes

inputting data precise and effortless.

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The easy way to fix mistakes. An improved 3-jaw chuck firmly grips the case rim; just rap it on a solid surface like a hammer. Powder and bullet drop into the main chamber for re-use. A soft cushion prevents any damage to bullet. A solid one-piece body adds extra strength and a generous handle size adds user comfort. Of course, it’s guaranteed for life. Works with from 22 to 45 caliber.

RCBS Powder Funnel

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RCBS® has improved upon even the basic plastic funnel. It features a specially designed drop tube to avoid any messy powder spills around case mouths, a non-stick, anti-static surface, and a square lip to keep the funnel from rolling around. Spout will accommodate the WSM family of cartridges.