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Hazelnut deer call. Excellent wild game call for the capital roe buck.
The calls are designed as female roe deer whimpering cries.
The whimpering cry is the communication language of deer and is therefore considered as the most natural and correct deer calling method. 
The whimpering cry should not be played too high, which would attract far more does than bucks. 

Availability: 18 In Stock

Buttolo Deer Call Imitates all the major

calls of the roe deer. Great for beginners.

Easy one hand use. Also on Muntjac.

To use, take the rubber ball in your hand so

that the thumb lies in the middle of the top.

A slight pressure is suffi cient to produce

the most natural mating calling of the roe.

Moose call Buttolo

Price €7.60
Availability: 11 In Stock

Buttolo Moose call. Natural imitation of the rutting call of an Moose cow in the rutl. On the market for many years, proven in bait hunting. 
Proven Moose cow call for the luring of Moose bulls. Its special construction makes the call as realistic as possible. Also suitable for the call of the wapiti or maral. Very easy handling. Works effortlessly from near or far 

Fox call Hubertus

Price €7.00
Availability: 9 In Stock

Realistic imitation of the mouse call.
Foxes react to the short, high whistle of the mouse, which is their main prey.
Foxes can hear the whistle over more than 100 metres
Perfect at short distances when blown lightly.
Perfect at long distances when blown heavily.
Especially useful when facing foxes on sight (when they are running away)

Rabbit Call

Price €7.90
Availability: 16 In Stock

High quality rabbit call
Realistic imitation of the rabbit call.
On the market for many years, proven in bait hunting.
Luring of rabbits from near or far. Short blowing works perfectly for luring over short distances, long blowing for far distances.
Material: wood (lacquered). Colour: light brown
Weight: approx. 8g. 

Duck Call Hubertus

Price €14.90
Availability: 6 In Stock

High quality duck and crow call. Naturally captivating imitation of ducks and crows. Natural imitation of the duck call and the similar crow call. Luring of ducks and crows from near or far. Perfect at short distances when blown lightly. Perfect at long distances when blown heavily. Material: wood (lacquered). Colour: light brown. Weight: 30g