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Knife Ahti Kaira

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The Kaira ("Northern Wilderness")

is a skinning knife, or heavy duty

work knife. It has a blade about 2 3/4"

(72 mm) long, 1 1/16" wide and .129" thick.

The 4 1/2" handle features a brass hilt

plate and is generously sized for a large hand.

The knife and sheath together weigh a bit less than six ounces. 

Knife Ahti Leuku 18

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Handmade traditional knife from Finland.

The blade is made of carbon-vanadium Böhler Uddeholm steel (not stainless) and has a Rockwell hardness of about 58-59 °. The handle is made of stained curly birch and has brass fittings.

The "Leuku 18" has a blade 7" (182 mm) long, 1 1/16" wide and .129" thick. The handle is sized for a larger hand.

Knife Ahti Jahti

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Carbon steel by Laurin Metalli. 
Blade hardness: HRC 58-60. 
Handle: Curly Birch. 
Sheath: Leather. 
Guard / ferrule / bolster: Brass. 
Overall length: 218 mm. 
Blade length: 98 mm. 
Blade thickness: 3 mm. 
Weight: 124 g. 
Country of origin: Finland

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A knife model developed by our founder Janne Marttiini in the 1930s.
This knife has remained in the Marttiini range almost continuously since the company was formed in 1928. The years have not reduced its popularity as the king of general purpose knives. This knife continues to be one of Marttiini’s best selling knives.

Length of blade  11 cm. 
Total length  22 cm. 
Blade material stainless steel. 
Handle material  curly birch. 
Sheath material  leather. 
Made in Finland.